Out of the Box(Why Women Live Longer than Men)

Fact is men enjoy life more but at the end winners are women because they always get extra bits of years(these bits are sometimes in GB of ten years of extra life compared to men).

I am not subject matter expert but some questions around me lead to dig more and get few possible connections to life. Hope you’ll enjoy this article to have more understanding of life(after all we all have one). Below are the few factors that matter/contribute to women, as a group, live longer than men.

1. The death rates for women are lower than those for men at all ages–even before birth. Men are more than twice as likely as women to die in car accidents, smoking, drinking and working outside the home, and it cover almost four times as likely to take their own lives.

2. Women also have a slower metabolism than men.  Evidence of this link comes from animal studies of food restriction, which slows metabolic processes: in experiments sponsored by the National Institute on Aging, monkeys that ate 30 percent less of the same diet as their free-feeding peers seemed to age more slowly.

3. The connection between metabolic rate and life span also play a role. Although it is still not known why men’s metabolism rates are faster than women’s, it is becoming clear that this difference is present almost from the moment of conception, when male embryos divide faster than female ones. The faster metabolic rate may make men’s cells more vulnerable to breakdown, or it may simply mean that the male life cycle is completed more promptly than the female one.

4. Chromosomal differences between men and women may also affect their mortality rates. Because women have two X chromosomes, a female with an abnormal gene on one of her X chromosomes can use the normal gene on the other and thereby avoid the expression of disease. Men, in contrast, have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome, and so they cannot rely on an alternative chromosome if a gene on one of the sex chromosomes is defective.

5.  Menstruation might make to longevity. Because of the monthly shedding of the uterine lining, premenopausal women typically have 20 percent less blood in their bodies than men and a correspondingly lower iron load. Because iron ions are essential for the formation of oxygen radicals, a lower iron load could lead to a lower rate of aging, cardiovascular disease and other age-related diseases in which oxygen radicals play a role.

My Suggestion to all men, Slows down your vehicle of life… 🙂

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