Leader in Me!!

Information cascade

I learned a TON very quickly and everyday about completely new stuff, and was able to do so because I could easily feel the inertia and the help of my mentors profile and encouragements. A cascade reflex encouraged me to write blogs and articles on technology and I have completed 100 plus blogs in a years time. This was the time when I have involved myself into the likes/views/upvote/comments/badges on my blogs along with various other projects. I maintain rank 1st for complete one quarter at HortonWorks community. End of 2018 put me whole new situation and bring me a most needed change in lifestyle. I have shifted job with a startup company and then visited onsite Japan(short story, actually it is more complex). I personally want that change because “good/bad contribution” and “agree/disagree” is seems taking me nowhere in life.

 Someone inside told me, Why do I need to communicate my agreement and answer is no, I don’t. I have shifted the gear of my priorities and stop writing blogs.

Herd-thinking process

I have some family responsibilities therefore I went into herd-thinking process and pour my all energy into cloud projects. There have been a lot of struggle managing my time on cloud projects. Last 11 months are amazing, beautiful and privileged with three projects(Two on GCP and another on Azure). Sometimes burnout, frustration and slips clarity but asked myself not to fail grasp whatever comes on the way. Another new Azure project starting today that is to build Datalake in Azure. In Azure i am seeing myself marginal better shape because of previous experience therefore would not loose focus on my coding ideas.

LOOK UP facts

Now I am back and starting to write the blogs from today. I am learning more again by spending the more time to read, I have critical thinking about blogs and do research in order to have a good interpretation. I have high hopes for next few years : Getting shape on my skills, programming and implement some of many ideas that i have collected in last many months. I have to pour my much of energy into a my recent relationship with cloud technology utilising the inertia of Hadoop experience.

Obviously all this can not be achievable without support of family and health. I understand A leader needed all the time in my head, have to believe in my heart. I know the leader can help me on how to hack myself. I love to see opportunity offered each coming days. To remember that leader and keep confidence high I think this is the time when I say something about him.

A Leader in Me!

  • Ready to take a risky job, because I believe that is a right fit for me.
  • Ready, not to loose confidence after a failure.
  • Ready to hear blood pumping that I can hear clearly in my ear drum when situation arise.
  • Ready to see a flock around me that resonate with passion.
  • Ready to get defeated with reasons and strong arguments.
  • Always motivated with my passion without external factor.
  • Ready to find opportunities of success in anything without seeing the probability of success.

The leader in me within team…

Leadership is often misunderstood with authority where it should be more aligned with responsibility. As a leader, we have a task to be completed and a team for getting the work done. In most cases, the amount of work that needs to be done will be more than the current capacity of the team. Which creates both an opportunity as well as threat. The leader has to walk a very fine line where he is able to get the best output from his team without having a burnout. He also needs to be clear with his superiors what can be achieved given the current circumstances. To me, you may not always get the best team to work. But you can always make the team better.

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