About the Author: Mukesh Kumar

Welcome to my blog site!!!

I am Kubernetes, Big data and Hadoop expert.
Bachelor of Technology (Computer Science) + 15 years of proven expertise across multiple business domains.
Hold Certificates of Achievement on Hadoop, Hive, Pig from IBM, Cassandra from DataStax and Data Science from Edx.
Planning for My Future in Google

Apart from Kubernetes and Big data as my full-time profession, I am a robotics hobbyist and enthusiast. After working on Sensors with Arduino and IoT, I have decided to pass my knowledge and some cool home projects via blogs. I will start sharing a few projects that have already been done and some of them are yet to be materialized using Electronics IoT with machine learning, AI and Robotics. I will be posting regular articles as busy with building a data collection system using Arduino, python and Sensors. Visualization of collected data is also in scope.

I have created a separate menu “Robotics” on this site for all my robotics blogs to avoid confusion on Big Data stuff.

I am not a company but it’s all just a hobby to me and I love it. I am just an individual working on maintaining this whole site, so I request you to be patient if the site has any problems or bugs, or if some things need improving, I’m doing the best I can.

Let me know if you have any suggestions, helpful advice at 

Email address: oraclemukesh@rediffmail.com
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