Kubernetes Keycloak : Add admin console url

After creating the Keycloak application on aws eks seems some additional stuff is required to get Admin Console. Before discussing the issue, let me give you below the links in order to create and run keycloak application. I am using steps defined in the below codecentric helm repo for installing the application. Download the values.yaml […]

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unsupported Kubernetes version (Service: Eks, Status Code: 400, Request ID) but its actually eksctl version!!!!

Firstly, sorry for the misleading error code as this forced even me to scratch my head and spend a few hours in order to figure out the confusion around “CloudFormation” always leading me to the error below:- 2022-01-27 17:56:55 UTC+0530 ControlPlane CREATE_FAILED Resource handler returned message: “unsupported Kubernetes version (Service: Eks, Status Code: 400, Request […]

pgAdmin hosting on the Kubernetes and design advantages

pgAdmin 4 is a free open source graphical management tool for PostgreSQL. This article will help you to understand the advantages of hosting a pgAdmin application as a web application in your Cloud environment and the steps involved on how to install pgAdmin on Kubernetes using Helm Chart. For documentations on pgAdmin visit the official […]

Kubernetes Operations Console

We need a framework using which we can build and manage a Kubernetes Cluster. When it comes to building a Kubernetes cluster, Kos Console provides you templates to choose from. Running a Kubernetes application(small, mid or big) there are lots of things that you need to know before migrating application to Kubernetes but if you are using […]

Part -2: Operators teach Kubernetes how to simplify stateful application…

I hope you have enjoyed my first article(link below) on Operator extension and Kubernetes Introduction. Now level up to this series another article where I’ll show case a Kafka operator and the Operator capabilities on Kubernetes to achieve a stateful behaviour. In case you miss first article here is the link. Now let’s jump on […]

Operators teach Kubernetes how to simplify the stateful application…

This is the first article to a series of articles to showcase how we use Operator that can leverage Kubernetes to create a stateful application such as Kafka Cluster. An Operator is a way to package, run, and maintain a Kubernetes application. An Operator builds on Kubernetes to automate the entire lifecycle of the software […]


In this blogs, I am creating a Kubernetes Client using GoLang to add custom feature which is not present in Kubernetes Vanilla Installations or Kubernetes Flavours such as EKS or AKS. To achieve end goal it is required to interact with database using Go. In this Blog I’ll showcase that we can use the Go-ORM […]

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About the Author: Mukesh Kumar

Welcome to my blog site!!! I am Kubernetes, Big data and Hadoop expert.Bachelor of Technology (Computer Science) + 15 years of proven expertise across multiple business domains.Hold Certificates of Achievement on Hadoop, Hive, Pig from IBM, Cassandra from DataStax and Data Science from Edx. Apart from Kubernetes and Big data as my full-time profession, I […]

How to avoid Helm warning due to config permissions

When a developer working on Kubernetes he/she generally forgets to secure the Kubernetes config file that contains the cluster tokens of environments that can be sensitive. So if you are seeing the below warning from helm chart you are one of them:- Reason for the above warning: Your ~/.kube/config should only be readable by you. […]

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Let’s Encrypt CN = R3: Certificate has expired or is not yet valid.

Manually Renew Let’s Encrypt Certificates via CLI I work with a series of Kubernetes clusters that are restricted to public access via Mutual authentication and encrypted using Let’s Encrypt certificates. Normally, when renewal is required, this process is automatically done for you. But somehow on one of my dev eks clusters configured without autorenewal cert […]

My Big Data solution using AWS services…

Goal A global advertising agency that manages marketing for different customers in Asia, Europe and US required the solution on development of a Big Data platform. The company data analysts required a Big Data solution to run their models, reports and development effort can be handled by their own IT Team. The company is looking […]

Azure Arc – redefine hybrid cloud…

Azure delivered 59% revenue growth in the latest quarter which is more than expected from its other Microsoft products. MSFT introducing various new cloud services and acquisitions giving it edge over the rivals Amazon and Google. https://www.zdnet.com/article/azure-synapse-analytics-combines-data-warehouse-lake-and-pipelines/ https://www.cnbc.com/2019/11/04/microsofts-azure-arc-lets-customers-use-its-tools-on-other-clouds.html “Azure Arc enables customers to have a central, unified, and self-service approach to manage their Windows and […]